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Design-Build General

Design-Build in the Public Sector Timeline
dan Code of


Middle Ages

Emergence of Design-
Private Sector
Public Sector

Establishment of
Institute of America

Passage of Federal
Reform Act
1800 B.C
450 B.C.
1200 A.D.

  1. What is design-build?
  2. Who is normally the design-builder?
  3. What owners are currently doing design-build projects?
  4. Are many states using design-build?
  5. What are the main reasons public owners are turning to design build?
  6. What are the benefits of design-build?
  7. What have been the results with regard to quality in design-build?
  8. How much time can typically be saved using the design-build method for delivering projects?
  9. How does a design-build project achieve such significant time savings?
  10. What are the challenges for owners using design-build?
  11. Will owners eventually replace the traditional design-bid-build low-bid process with the design-build method?
  12. How do quality, time, and cost relationships change with design-build?
  13. How can owners begin to get into using design-build?
  14. What is a design-build model?
  15. Is the goal of design-build to start a project sooner or end construction sooner?
  16. In addition to saving time, would design-build save money?
  17. What types and sizes of projects are suitable for design-build delivery?
  18. Generally, what are the main success factors for a design-build project?
  19. What could be the main restraints for design-build gaining popularity and further success?
  20. What are the major benefits to the owner from design - build delivery ?
  21. What are the key issues in achieving project success in design - build projects?
  22. How is design - build best promoted within an owner organization in order to convince it to utilize design - build delivery?
  23. What is the industry practitioner view on design - build; do they like it and promote it, or do they have grave misgivings?
  24. What are some of the potential pitfalls in design - build, and how can I avoid them?
  25. What is the general status of state legislation for Design - Build?
  26. How do you compare the CM @ risk project delivery approach verses design - build?
  27. Does a design firm have a potential conflict of interest in performing design - build with a contractor on one project, while they are an owner's engineer on a design - bid - build project with the same performing contractor?
  28. How is risk allocation different in design - build as compared to design - bid - build?


Procurement of Design Build Projects

  1. How is the design-build procurement process different from design-bid-build?
  2. What is the best way to structure a competition for a design-build project?
  3. Within that 2 - phase approach, what are the "Do's" for owners?
  4. What is "best-value" selection of a design-builder?
  5. How does the owner best define project requirements in the RFP for a design-build project?
  6. How do owners minimize their risk in the procurement of design-build?
  7. What project types are most well suited and least suited for design - build delivery?
  8. What are the design - build procurement process alternatives, including both qualifications based and price based alternatives?
  9. What are the major items for owners to become more familiar with in deciding to utilize design - build delivery?
  10. What are some of the best practices in design - build procurement?
  11. How should an owner structure their procurement if they want the "best value"?
  12. How do owners know the "best value" proposal?
  13. How much information should the owner share with the design - build teams during the procurement process?
  14. How should firms evaluate potential opportunities in design - build?
  15. How is value engineering utilized in design - build?
  16. Design - build appears to have some features of "Design to Cost". Is this correct?
  17. When do we establish the fixed firm price for a design - build project?
  18. How can owners control the quality in equipment - material selection by the design - builder?
  19. What is the industry's opinion about competition costs for a design - build project, which can be significantly higher than design - bid - build.
  20. What profit margins should be typical for design - build projects?


Design-Build Teaming

  1. What are the various approaches for design-build teaming?
  2. Is one teaming approach better than another?
  3. What are the major risks and situations to avoid in being a design subconsultant to a general contractor in a design - build project?
  4. There appears to be some teaming resistance from Architect / Engineer firms. What are their main issues that cause this?
  5. How should firms choose partners for a design - build project?
  6. What are some ways to have a smooth teaming relationship?
  7. Does it seem more preferable for the Design - builder to have in - house or outside design capability?
  8. Is it preferable for the Architect - Engineer to lead or the General Contractor to lead a design - build project?
  9. How does the design - build process affect the Mechanical - Electrical - Plumbing (MEP) package?
  10. How should firms share risk and reward in a teaming joint venture?


Project Execution

  1. How is execution of a design-build project different from design-bid-build?
  2. What are the challenges for designers in performing design-build?
  3. What are the challenges for constructors in performing design-build?
  4. What should I look for to find qualified field staff to supervise a design - build project?
  5. What are the challenges to address for a design professional that is acting as the Owner's Representative for a design - build project?
  6. What are the major issues to address as an owner in managing a design - build project?
  7. What are some of the differences in purchasing by the design-builder in a design - build project as compared to contractor purchasing in a design - bid-build project?
  8. How is the change process different in CM @ risk verses design - build?
  9. How are code and permitting review processes different in design - build?
  10. How is the design process different in design - build?
  11. How can changes occur in a design - build project, and how should they be handled?
  12. What are the main owner concerns in owner administration of a design - build contract?

What are the main owner concerns in owner administration of a design - build contract?

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