Owners are seeking more tools to procure and deliver capital projects in less time, with expected quality, and with minimum risk. Industry firms are adapting to change, and learning how to structure and manage different risks. Most parties are just getting acquainted with design-build and other forms of integrated delivery, and seeking better ways to compete for projects and perform profitably.

ODC Synergy can provide the knowledge, expertise and experience to help your organization work with owners, designers and constructors to move up the learning curve and be more successful. We provide hands-on support, as well as, coaching and mentoring, to minimize risk while maintaining profitability.

Typical Services for Sureties, Insurers, Finance & Legal:

  • Design-build orientations - critical issues
  • Procurement strategies, including financing alternatives
  • Risk assessment and management plans
  • Design-build teaming approaches and arrangements
  • Request for Proposal development, evaluation and selection processes
  • Organizational strengthening and training, including design - build procedures
  • Project execution support and staff augmentation
  • Project review / audit
  • Dispute mitigation strategies and dispute resolution

Make sure your organization and clients have the advantage of independent expertise and experience for design-build and other methods of integrated delivery.

Make SYNERGY - - - ODC Synergy - - Work for you.

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