The enclosed presentations, articles, graphics and other materials are provided for your reference in learning more about design-build and other forms of integrated project delivery, including public - private partnerships.

Please contact us with any questions or clarifications and, certainly, ask us to assist you in transitioning your firm to achieve further success in the 21st century design - construction industry.

The enclosed material is available in Power Point format upon request. The material is organized by the following categories:

Please let us know your comments with regard to any particular items, and ask for additional information or references which may be available. Rapid change in our industry provides numerous opportunities for the firms and individuals that are prepared and motivated to pursue and exploit them.

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Design Build General:

  • Presentation: Setting Up for Project Success; Chuck Williams (972K)
Presents the critical issues to consider in planning and executing a design-build project, including teaming, managing the pursuit, team organization, and budgeting, including contingencies.
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  • Document: Owner Benefits of Design - Build Project Delivery / Success Factors for Owners in Design-Build; Chuck Williams (505K)
Lists the bullet points that provide the main benefits and success factors for owners utilizing design-build project delivery. Click to download

  • Document: Questions for Owners Preparing for Design - Build
Lists the main questions that owners need to address in planning and preparing to procure and execute a design-build project Click to download

  • Document: Questions for a Design Firm Preparing for Design-Build
Lists the main questions that design firms need to address in entering the design-build market, and preparing to pursue and execute a design-build project Click to download

  • Document: Questions for Contractors Preparing for Design-Build
Lists the main questions that contractors need to address in entering the design-build market, and preparing to pursue and execute a design-build project
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Presents the challenges for project delivery and project management, and discusses the variety of delivery methods that owners can utilize to achieve their project objectives.
Provides an overview of design-build advantages and disadvantages, and discusses the restraints for owners to utilize design-build as a project delivery system, and approaches to overcome these constraints. It also presents some actual projects completed through design-build and those project results.
Provides the brief history and current status of design-build, and how the engineer can more actively and successfully participate in design-build projects. It discusses the roles the engineering firms can choose in design-build, and what risks and rewards they need to consider in that regard.
Provides an overview of design-build delivery method and some completed projects, and it presents the results of the Construction Industry Institute study on design-build vs. design-bid-build and CM @ risk project delivery methods.

Presents the broad scope of insurance coverage required for design-build, depending on the firm's role and responsibilities, and various approaches toward each. Also, mentions the Owner controlled program.

Presents the various clauses and related risk issues of design-build contracts


Procurement for Design-Build Projects


Design-Build Teaming

Presents the various teaming approaches, partner selection criteria, and the key factors required for success. It also indicates the criteria for successful teaming and what it takes to achieve the best relationship.

Discusses the various roles of the Architect - Engineer in design - build projects, and how they can add more value and increase their rewards.


Project Execution

  • Presentation: The Trend Program, An Effective Tool for Design-Build Cost and Schedule Control (321K)
Presents a tool for cost and schedule control of design-build projects, and outlines the steps to effective implementation of that tool.
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  • Presentation: Design-Build Project Managers for the 21st Century; Chuck Williams
Presents the current role and responsibilities of the Design-Build Project Manager, including how design and construction managers need added skills to be effective as a Design - Build Project Manager. It also addresses what is needed to develop Project Managers for the future.
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  • Presentation: Measuring & Controlling the Project Cost & Schedule; Chuck Williams
Discusses the control of cost and schedule in the design - build project environment, and presents some approaches to implement effective methods
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  • Document: Management Procedures, Systems and Tools for Design - Build Project Delivery
List of the management procedures and tools a firm should develop and implement in the pursuit and execution of design - build projects. Click to download

  • Document: Design – Build Project Closeout - Checklist
  • This Checklist is a summary of key project close-out activities typically applicable to any design – build project, and incorporates areas of management, design, procurement, construction and administration. Click to download

  • Document: Design – Build Construction Management Field Organization Responsibilities
  • This is a 25 page document outlining construction management field organization responsibilities and provides numerous insights and recommendations on subjects such as (sub)contract administration and performance, furnishing site equipment & materials, site safety and security, quality assurance, cost & schedule control, client relations and other related topics. Click to download

  • Document: Design – Build Project Execution by Phase Summary Checklist
  • This Checklist encompasses those summary activities specific to various execution phases of a design – build project. In many instances, these activities will be continued by the responsible project group over the full duration of Project execution. Click to download

  • Document: Design – Build Project Manager's Checklist - By Project Phase
  • This 19 page document is a comprehensive list of design – build project manager responsibilities and activities, categorized by phases of project delivery from business development / proposal through to design, procurement and construction. Click to download

  • Document: Design – Build Project Mobilization Checklist
  • This checklist includes key mobilization activities to be accomplished by the major function areas; project management, design / engineering/ procurement/ construction management, and administration / project controls. Click to download

  • Document: Design – Build Project Manager’s Initial Key Activities
  • This is a summary checklist of the design- build project manager’s initial key activities to organize and initiate a design – build project. Click to download

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